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Holy cuteness.

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    Holy cuteness.

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    So The Black Cauldron is like the black sheep of the Disney family.  It was a bit of a misfire, but I still enjoyed it.  It played to all of my little boy infatuations.  This trailer makes it seem pretty limp, but I’ll still watch the DVD now and again.  It isn’t timeless like a lot of the other movies, but it’s still worth a watch.

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    I don’t want to hear any grief about how much I loved this movie.  Although I was consistantly getting frustrated with that accursed dragon.  I have no idea why he couldn’t behave.  I can’t remember whether I hated or liked this particular song, but it seems like the kind of thing my young self would have been anxious to be over and get to more dragon action!  You should buy this video immediately.

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    So I don’t know if it was just my age, or if this movie is under-rated.  I suspect it may be a combination of the both, but I was absolutely bonkers for Disney’s Robin Hood.  The music is so reflective of the time and it’s just kind of weird.  Plus I kind of thought that Maid Marion was cute…in a anthropomorphic kind of way.  Am I the only one who felt this way?

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    This may not be exactly how you remember Mary Poppins, but I think it captures the essence.

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